What is a gobo?
A gobo is a round thin steel (or glass) circle that has artwork etched onto it - leaving the silhouette of the image that the light is projected through. The name originated from the position of where the disc is placed in a light fixture - "GOes Before Optics" ..... GOBO!

Color and Grayscale gobos on glass can have very hi-res detail and shading.
Basic etched steel gobos are just a black and white silhouette, like any stencil it can have no "floating" solid parts - so images should be as simple as possible.

What size do I need?
Depending on the light fixture you use will determine the size gobo you will need.

  What light fixture will I need to put a gobo in?
You can use any light fixture that has a focused beam and a slot to accept the Gobo. Most commonly an Ellipsoidal theatrical fixture is used (also called a Leko) such as the Source 4 or any moving light fixture that has a space for a gobo in it.

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The NEW Gobomaker MANIA PR 1 is a great light fixture to have for projecting patterns, logos or messages - Gobo size is D. It is an  inexpensive fixture that accommodates 1 gobo, will rotate the image at variable speed and is bright enough to show in well lit retail locations! A great Logo projector - $399.00

Gobomaker SX Pro
New projector - uses 250 watt high output lamp. features include variable speed gobo rotation and static mode. Comes with Happy Birthday Gobo, Happy Holidays, Congratulations & Happy Haloween! $249.00 - Incl Ground UPS shipping in the USA.


How far away can I hang the light fixture to get a clear view of the gobo?
10 feet is good distance but most fixtures will have variable lens configurations to allow different size images at different distances. Some fixtures will have a variable zoom lens.

What is the price of a steel gobo?
Cost for the first gobo is $ 135.00, which includes normal artwork charges to format your image and the etching of the first piece - copies of the same artwork are $ 35.00 per gobo.

How soon can I get it?
Rush time is 48 hrs and there is a $ 50.00 additional charge.

How long will a steel gobo last?
Depending on how long the light is left on and how bright (or hot) the light fixture is - will determine the life span of the gobo -  a gobo can be used over and over again until it starts to wrap and bend - then you can order the same gobo again for a copy price of $ 30.00
We save the artwork on file for one year.

What is the best artwork that you need to make a gobo.
JPEG - TIFF and BMP - size it as close as you can to the actual gobo size you require (this will show you how it will look - you may want to simplify some of the detail)
300 DPI is good.

What light fixture should I use to put a gobo in?
A popular and easy light fixture to deal with is the MARTIN MANIA PR 1 - you can also use any light fixture that has a gobo slot.

Can I use color filter sheets to make the gobo have color?
Yes - Your fixture will usually have a color filter that can change the pattern a different color by inserting the colored gel paper. You can also use dichroic chips  of colored glass to give definition to certain areas of the gobo - these can be glued onto the gobo itself using high temperature adhesive. For example in the design below a small chip of yellow glass has been placed over the triangle, making the pattern two colors.

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